Movexx Smart Tugs

Get the most out of your logistics processes with Jklift and Movexx

Movexx is the market leader for smart electric tugs for towing up to six tons, we provide smart, sustainable solutions for all horizontal movements of goods and materials on wheels. This amazing compact, user-friendly, and aesthetic smart electric tugs make it very easy to transport heavy loads in an ergonomically responsible manner.

Movexx have been specializing in the design of smart electric tugs for more than fifteen years. To increase your productivity, protect your employees’ health, and improve the efficiency of your work processes. As logistic innovators, we excel in our field by continuously innovating and by providing a customized service. After all, every logistics process is different.

Innovative, distinctive and trendsetting

At Jklift we are introducing Movexx Tugs , because we believe that things can always be better. We stand out by continuously innovating and by providing a customized service. But we also deliver the best standard solutions.

Movexx Tugs differentiate by:

    • Powerful, sustainable, and swappable lithium batteries;
    • Customized coupling systems;
    • compact tugs in an attractive design

Movexx smart electric tugs

We always have the perfect solution for all your queries regarding the horizontal movement on wheels of materials and equipment weighing up to six tons. With
our compact, manoeuvrable, and highly reliable tugs, you can move loads very easily, without any physical strain.

Infinite applications

From postal packages to heavy aircraft weighing up to 6,000 kg, we enable you to move your loads faster, safer, and more easily. Movexx smart electric tugs ensure that all loads moved by humans are performed efficiently and in an ergonomically responsible manner.

We know that every sector, every assignment, and every solution is unique. With over fifteen years of experience, we understand the challenges our customers face. We use our knowledge and understanding of logistics processes to keep coming up with creative and workable solutions.

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